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 SSs Protection Services
   "We are the First Responders to the First Responders"

Tara Hawes, Chief of Staff - SSS Protection Services

LIC# - PSC002468

2024 K12 Safety and Security Initiative

Office: 470-777-0077

    Our Mission


SSS Protection Services is a full service security provider, where service, integrity and professionalism are everyday standards

Our Professional Services, Training & Requirements


            Electronic Security                                              Division

There are situations when your property or building design may require the addition of electronic security devices. These detection and surveillance devices are on guard 24-7 and can be monitored remotely. We are experts in the deployment of CCTV and in electronic security design. Call us for a consultation.

 Tactical Training Division

        Firearms Training

It is imperative that when an armed Protection Officer is needed, you are assured of their skill. Although, the state of Georgia requires armed security guards to qualify with their weapons at one year intervals, SSS Protection Officers are required to qualify with their duty weapons at six months intervals. 

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First Aid Training & Active Shooter Prepardness

The events of 9-11 significantly changed the face of America. Terrorism, active shooters, natural disasters and medical emergencies can occur at anytime, whether external or internal to the workplace.     

Having protective personnel trained in first responder medical emergency techniques could be essential when minutes count between life and death. Our officers are trained to handle these issues until medical personnel (EMTs) arrive.


An active shooter is a person focused on killing as many people as possible in a confined and populated area and there is generally no selection process in choosing his targets. We have conducted many active shooter seminars in Georgia. We can train your personnel in life saving maneuvers and techniques in how to respond in an active shooter scenario, call us for details.


           Executive Protection, Estate Patrol
Guard Services

There are times when specialized protection services are requested. Whether guard, estate patrols or executive protection, we can fill your personal and business protection requirements. Please call for details.    

Electronic Countermeasures &
Bug Detection

Corporations depend on the confidentiality of information shared in meetings, phone conversations. Many times that information can be remotely captured and stored using covert devices.

SSS Protection Services can perform a comprehensive sweep of selected areas and remove any hidden recording, video and remote transmitters that may be present. Call us for details.


SSS Fitness Level Test

Before an officer can be employed by SSS Protection services, They must pass our physical fitness
and agility requirements.
In an emergency, the officers agility and fitness level may be paramount in its resolution.


              Church Protection Team

Many of our Protection Officers  currently serve as the security team for a major house of worship. We have over 15 years of  experience in church security. We can help you assemble a protection team, as well as design a church security  protocol specific to your house of worship. In addition we conduct on site seminars in church protection. Please call for more details. 

Security Surveillance

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SSS Protection Services

               "Georgia's New Standard in Security Services"


        Mrs. Tara Hawes, BSBA, MPA                    Chief of Staff to the CEO     












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1. A on site deterrent to would be criminals 

2. Licensed and trained to spot danger

3. Officers with K12 focus

4. Create a safe teaching and learning 

5. Develop partnerships with parents and staff

6. Build relationships with local law 

7. Plan and implement emergency drills

8. Conduct Q&A sessions with staff and parents

9. Ensure electronic security is functional

10. Ensure all entrances are secured
      and or monitored

11. Train staff in situational awareness 
       and pre-incident indicators

12. Protect and defend against violent attacks.

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